If you are visiting Norway as a tourist AND you are not a resident of any Scandinavian country you qualify for a Sales Tax refund, both when shopping online or in our retail store. This is a great way to get significant savings on firearm optics & accessories. The more expensive the product, the greater your savings!

When shopping in our retail store, you qualify for ~15% refund. For online purchases we can refund the entire 25% Sales Tax (MVA)!

Shop Tax Free in Retail Store

Our retail store is located in Stavanger. When visiting, inquire about Tax Free shopping. We'll set you up and instruct how to apply for the Tax refund after leaving Norway. Our Tax Free partner will handle the refund on our behalf.

Shop Tax Free Online

If you visit Norway as a tourist, is not a resident of a Scandinavian country, and order online, you still qualify for Sales Tax refund. This is how you do it:

  • Complete your purchase through our webstore. You will be charged Sales Tax at the time of purchase.
  • Add a Note to your order during Checkout that you wish to be sent an Export Form (or send us an email later).
  • You can either pick-up your order in our retail store (in Stavanger), or have the order shipped to an address in Norway.
  • We send the Export Form along with your order.
  • When you exit Norway, you need to present the Export Form, receipt and products to the Customs Authority (airport/ferry terminal/land crossing).
  • After arriving abroad, return the Export Form to us by email or snail mail NO LATER than 2 weeks after your exit from Norway. Enclose your banking details for us to perform a wire/bank transfer to you.
  • We then refund your VAT by bank transfer to any country in the world (less a 50 NOK transfer fee).
  • Note: You must exit Norway within 1 month to request a Sales Tax/VAT/MVA refund! 

Shopping online from outside Norway?

We ship to all countries in the EU∕EEC region, plus Great Britain (except Northern Ireland). If the total of your purchase is less than €150, we collect EU VAT for you. Your order will then go through your country's customs without further VAT/Tax levied. If your order total exceeds €150, we do not charge Sales Tax on your order. You will be asked to pay Sales Tax when the parcel arrives to your country.

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